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Missing Microsoft Activex Data Objects 61 Library




 . . Any help would be appreciated. EDIT i have included the script.sys.dll that i have been given by the web programmer A: Add following line in your app config And try. It may help you. Monday, September 26, 2008 Well after several, many, many tries of trying to get the photos to post, I finally got it to work. I love the photo of me and my friend, Cathy. I love her too. I had just returned to town after a 3 month absence and her invitation to "have lunch" reminded me of my trip. But, as always, there is more to it than that, even for me. Cathy and I are good friends and we have been in countless adventures together. We have done a lot of things together. We have eaten together and laughed and cried and even found a new friendship in each other. We have hunted together and foraged together and baked together and cooked together and I feel so blessed for our friendship. There is something special about having someone you can just call "friend." We don't need much else to go with our friendship. We don't need to call each other "sweetie" or "doll." It just works. It's that easy. Yesterday, Cathy asked if I wanted to take her bike riding. There had been a discussion, of course, about riding without a helmet. I really liked the idea of not being in that position of someone who says, "I'll just take it slow and steady." There is no "slow and steady" when you are on a bike, a bike that can go 70 mph at a gallop. We went for a 3 mile ride. I wanted to push her but she didn't want to go faster than 10 mph. So we were at a nice pace. I like that. I also like the nice scenery that is along the Mississippi River. Cathy is on a bike trip around the world and is in Cape Town, South Africa at the moment. She is documenting her travels through a blog. You can find it at I met her 2 years ago and have followed her. I still follow her and know that this trip has been




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